Al Gore is taking interactive TV to the next level in Italy.

Al Gore’s Milan-based Current TV outpost — it’s only operation in continental Europe — has just started airing Italy’s first Web TV drama series, called “Frammenti” (Fragments) about an investigative journo who falls prey to a memory loss drug, accused of a murder he did not commit.

Viewers, both on TV and the Web, try to rescue Lorenzo Soare, the intrepid protag, becoming investigators themselves and an integral part of the show. Besides being a totally new type of content for Italy, the series also marks the first foray into scripted drama for Current TV, which has heretofore made guerrilla-style journalism its trademark.

Since setting up a local channel in May 2008 featuring both user-generated content and purchased product, beamed by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky Italia satcaster and visible online, Current TV is making Italy its global testing ground for the niche new media web, aimed at 18- to 35-year-olds.

“Italy acts as a laboratory for the whole network; one that yields positive results,” says Current TV Italy managing director Tommaso Tessarolo.


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2 thoughts on “Al Gore is taking interactive TV to the next level in Italy.

  1. La scelta dell'Italia basata su questa considerazione mi è sembrata illuminante:

    In the land of media-mogul-turned prime minister Berlusconi, the more sophisticated folks who go online are deeply dissatisfied by the available existing media.

    Della serie anche nei mercati che sembrano privi di spazio basta porsi da un punto di vista nuovo per cogliere delle opportunità. Complimenti.

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