INNOVID: Product Placement 2.0.

Se pur non esattamente una novità INNOVID presenta una soluzione rivoluzionaria per la sua flessibilità d’utilizzo, versatilità e facilità di programmazione. E’ la soluzione Ideale per il Poduct placement per il Web Video.

Existing Video ads can be intrusive and out of context, and as such, people tend to ignore them. We looked at how viewers perceive in-video advertising, and focused on creating a video ad experience that integrates well with the content, both contextually and visually. Creating positive viewer impressions translates into real value to both advertisers and publishers, leading to better brand experiences and higher click-thru rates.

We believe that in today’s interactive digital environment, a holistic approach to video advertising is required. The video player is no longer just a single component in a web page, rather a part of a broader ecosystem. Our platform provides advertisers with the tools to integrate, engage and measure online video advertising experiences, while allowing publishers to generate new revenue streams from existing content.

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Innovid introduces the interactivity of the web into the static format of video, enabling advertisers and publishers to reach new level of engagements with their viewers.

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