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Liberated Films è una start-up basata a San Francisco che ha sviluppato un nuovo servizio di video publishing & sharing online dedicato ai film makers indipendenti. A differenza di servizi come YouTube per poter pubblicare un video è necessario superare il giudizio di una “giuria” di esperti. Questo garantisce una qualità complessiva dei contenuti pubblicati molto alta.

Il servizio è esclusivamente dedicato al publishing di FILM che possono essere liberamente visualizzati online in bassa risoluzione. Per gli utenti abbonati, con una fee mnensile di $3.66, è disponibile la versione HD di tutti i FILM pubblicati.

Our Mission…
Liberated Films is an online film community. We have three goals that are focused around ‘Liberating’ filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and those less fortunate. By becoming a part of our online community, you can help us achieve the three following goals:
1. Film Enthusiasts
If you are looking for film that taps into the independent realm of film making, then this is a place for you. It is our goal to provide you with interesting film that challenges the artistic boundaries placed by mainstream media and entertainment. As a user, you are also encouraged to give direct feedback to the filmmakers themselves via a comment and blog rating section. Have fun!
2. Filmmakers
Liberated Films is designed to be a place for Independent Filmmakers to get exposure and connect directly with their fans. You can submit your film to the LF team for review, and if it is good we will publish it for you. As opposed to film festivals, where only a few hundred people are able to view a film, Liberated Films is a community for independent film makers to gain as much exposure as possible.
3. Those “Less Fortunate”
Once Liberated Films is up and running, and has a strong data base of users and enthusiasts, it is our goal to donate a significant portion of our after tax profits to non-profit organizations. The organizations that will be considered are non-partisan, non-religious, grassroots organizations (smaller non-profits). Non-profits will be scanned by a third party, and if they are approved, then they will be added to the Liberated Films roster. The users of our community will have the ability to vote for the non-profits they prefer to support, and the money will be distributed proportionately. The idea is that the users can become directly involved with our organization’s philanthropy.

If we succeed in achieving these three goals, then we will have ‘Liberated’ the enthusiast, the filmmaker, and those less fortun

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